What boosts my productivity and helps in maximizing my time efficiently and effortlessly.

Being productive requires sacrificing a lot which includes time. Time is one of man’s greatest assets given by God. We set a target aiming to achieve in respect to a specified time.

Achieving my targets involves simplifying them into a set of tasks speculated within a time frame. Sometimes time-consuming activities make it hard to achieve our planned task at its own speculated time. Situations like this can make it unable for me to meet deadlines which is not good enough for me as a creative designer that works with a lot of clients.

I adopt practices that have helped me in properly prioritizing things and doing what is important to me.

Top practices that I adopt that help me in getting things much done efficiently in the speculated time highlighted below.

  1. The Urgent-Important Matrix (helps in identifying my priorities)
  2. Investing in products, devices, and platforms that utilize time
  3. Reduce forms of social activities (they are distractions)
  4. Avoid regular meetings.
  5. Take breaks

Without much ado, let’s get started.

1.The Urgent-Important Matrix (helps in identifying my priorities).

Many explanations are not needed here. Living by this principle doesn’t only contribute to personal development but also helps me in being productive and accomplishing a lot.

This matrix here works with respect to time, what is important now might not be important tomorrow, also what seems urgent now might not even worth it tomorrow. The key here is to be mindful of what needs to be done at that time even if it doesn’t interest you (but will yield great results).

If it’s important and it needs to be done in a short time, get it done without hesitation and avoid procrastination and distraction at all costs. This has helped me in prioritizing projects.

if it’s important but not necessarily at that time, please plan it, let it be at the top of your mind, and incline yourself and heart towards getting it done, daily hassles and distractions that serve as resistance gets defeated this way.

If it’s not important, but needs to be done, delegate it i.e entrust the task or responsibility to another person that will surely get the work done, this way you create time to get the important task that needs your full concentration done and relieves you of much responsibility.

If it’s not important and not urgent, it’s not for you. Kindly drop it or you create space for it in your leisure time or when less busy and ensure it doesn’t consume up to 20% of your relaxation time.

2. Investing in products, devices, and platforms that utilize time.

This might sound overwhelming, but you can take it one step at a time. Investing in tools that will get projects done faster is the best way of increasing productivity, even making your work environment aesthetic soothes your mind and keeps you working, which helps you suppress stress and enjoy every process of getting the work done.
Use digital products that get the project done faster even if it involves subscribing sometimes. It is senseless reinventing the wheel. Invest in the knowledge that helps you get it done differently and unique in a shorter time.

3. Reduce forms of social activities (they are distractions).

This has helped me a lot, I have a small circle of quality friends, I opted out of social groups, teams, relationships, associations. Reduce your time on social media and unfollow or minimize your engagement time on pages that are really not benefitting (they are making their own money by keeping you stuck). Trust me, you don’t need them, it keeps you occupied with pieces of stuff and activities that will not bring an impact or benefit you and ending up wasting your time before you even realize it

4. Avoid regular meetings.

Top-tier professionals and startups avoid meetings that are not essential at all costs. Planning meetings and during their course consumes a lot of time that is needed to be productive.

I read an article a few days ago about Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO about his reactions to meetings, and other successful men.

Most meetings can be done with just a phone call or chat. An hour meeting that requires you to be there physically can mostly be summarized in few minutes in phone calls, chats, even emails.

You can avoid excessive meetings with these too. (source)

  1. Establish a Strict Agenda.
  2. Determine What Questions Need Answering Before the Meeting.
  3. Determine how the meeting will change the current directive.
  4. Encourage Participants to Bring Only New Information to the Table.
  5. Set a Time Limit and Stick With It.

5. Take breaks

You need to recharge mentally and physically by taking breaks. When I am working on a task for a long time and it seems I have reached a level (or an issue, lol) where it's hard for me to get it resolved, instead of my stressing my brain, I simply take a break or nap, and surprisingly what should have or has taken me several hours, I get it done in few minutes.

Relaxation refreshes your mind and positions you to solve that task in a new view or approach. You will be surprised at much time you will be saving when you decide to rest.

Eat lunch, travel, going on holidays, dates e.t.c improves your mood, gladdens your mind and heart, and improves your emotional quotient (EQ) which helps in solving challenges and pushing forward.


Putting God first, meditating before starting my day sets me in the right mood and keeps me empowered to win each day.

To achieve my goals, the time has always been my utmost concern and I don’t joke with it. I have always utilized these stated points in achieving a better work-life balance and being productive daily.

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